Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

The Facts of CCTV

It may surprise you to know that the first installation of a CCTV camera was all the way back in 1961 where a camera was fitted at a London train station. Perhaps more astonishingly is the fact that security cameras have been a predominant feature at football grounds for over thirty years! Leeds was the last major city to install CCTV but even that has now had the security system in place since 1996.

To see the advancements of CCTV systems you just have to look at its widespread appearance in so many areas. Statistics show that there are over four million CCTV cameras across the UK meaning that your venture to town will undoubtedly be caught on camera. Whilst there are arguments that people’s privacy is invaded by the usage of these cameras, the advantages of such CCTV systems are unquestionably evident. The use of CCTV cameras alone does not reduce crime but significantly helps police in a whole manner of different crimes.

Some people may question the invasion of privacy through the use of CCTV but it may be a good idea to ask the same people as to whether they’d choose to park their car in an unmanned, unwatched car park, or a car park with CCTV cameras and a security guard. CCTV cameras offer a safety blanket to many people and provide the confidence that someone is always watching over you.

Not only do they offer a general public protection but if installed within ones own homes they offer a protection of all possessions. Whilst the CCTV camera itself may not provide a defence against actual break-ins and other related crimes, it does provide a deterrent and comfort that should something unfortunately happen; the criminals will be caught on camera. CCTV captured images have managed to catch hundreds of criminals out so far and have been enough evidence in court cases for criminal convictions. The cost of CCTV cameras can also be a worrying factor for many people, but the cost isn’t always as much as you think, and speaking to a qualified technicians from somewhere like CCTV 4 U will allow you to grasp an in-depth understanding of just how easy CCTV installation is.

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