Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Become An Entrepreneur – Because You Can

Once you become an entrepreneur and get past the initial excitement of your decision it is like walking into a long dark tunnel with only the faith in yourself as assurance that there is a light at the end. You begin to find that it was easier working for someone else. You knew it would never make you rich, but you got a pay check every pay period and providing it was someone else’s problem. Many would be entrepreneurs give up before ever getting started. They find that the anxiety and fear, is too much to handle while still having at home responsibilities. Also a good number walk away early in the process, and this is from only the initial dose of negative doubt and stress. But a funny thing happens once you have walked deep enough into that tunnel, you can’t seem to turn back. It is at this point, long before achieving success on your own terms that you become an entrepreneur. You’ve gone too far. You can no longer famish the thought of turning back. You have become an entrepreneur, an official risk taker controlling your own destiny.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. They know that reality can be shaped and molded over a course of time. They accept that they will make mistakes along the journey, learn from each and every one of them and become efficient at correcting them quickly. They accept challenges that others turn away from and they never quit, because they have already made the decision to win.

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